Wednesday, July 19, 2006

women reservation bill and backward classes

The issue of 1/3 reservation for women in parliament and state assemblies has become a burning one in our present political discourses. It is not a mere issue of representation but of enjoying, sharing and handling of power.84 th &85 th amendment of the constitution provides for the realisation of it.But many political parties are opposed to it. The party of Mulayam singh and Muslim league are some of them. The formation of two groups i.e. one in favour and other against the reservation bill has complicated the whole issue. It arises the question that whether reservation bill address the case of women of backward classes. The clamours for political empowerment of women have benefited only the women of upper class/caste. Thus the proposed reservation would help only such women, if it fails to take in to account the case of women of backward classes and Muslims.